Tri-State Marine Services

Simple Appraisals

These surveys are many times used in estate settlements, and divorce cases.  A typical report of an Appraisal will be three or four pages in length, and will focus on the equipment aboard and “fair-market-value” of the boat.

Damage Surveys

Tri-State Marine has over 20 years experience in working with insurance underwriters on damage claims of boats and RVs.  If you have a need for inspection of accidental damage to your boat or RV, then give us a call.

Cargo Container Surveys

A detailed inspection of your cargo container, checking for deformation, damage, water leaks, and other items of integrity.  Tri-State Marine is experienced in this type of work, and will provide a comprehensive and concise report for your shipping needs.  We are also experienced in the requirements and supervision of automobile shipment in cargo containers.