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Conveniently located in Central Florida (orlando), we routinely travel a large geographic area performing marine surveys and damage inspections.  Tri-State has been serving the Marine Industry since 1993, and our services will provide a feeling of confidence in your boat buying experience.  Allow Tri-State Marine to be your “eyes and ears” for inspection of a new purchase, or help with  your scheduled maintenance routine.  Our reports area easy to read and understand.  They are produced in a format which is readily accepted by insurance companies and financial institutions, meaning they can also be used for financing and insuring your boat.

We specialize in “Yacht and Small Craft” marine surveys of all types, including condition and value, and pre-purchase.  We also perform damage surveys for insurance claims as well as simple appraisals.

Latest News

  •     GPS and LORAN-E Forty-some years ago the US military worked a project to aid in navigation, which has become known to all of us as “GPS” (Global Positioning System). Initially developed for military use, the system has since been opened up for commercial and civilian usage as well.  The basic premise of GPS...Read More »
  • A SHORT HISTORY OF NAVIGATION Since the beginning of man’s time on Earth, he has recognized the need to “navigate” whether it be on dry land or on the sea (and now in outer space). Early man started with a list of waypoints, augmented with crude estimates of distance and time. These lists, when used...Read More »
  • A good portion of my job, as a Marine Surveyor, involves working as the “eyes ‘n ears” for insurance claims adjusters, when a boater has an insurance claim.  My job task is to verify serial numbers, take photos, and assess the damage in terms of being accident related, versus normal wear and tear.  I sometimes...Read More »
  • In my capacity as a Marine Surveyor, I am often asked, “What’s a sea trial?   And do you think we need one with a pre-purchase survey?” To address the first question:   A sea trial is a ride in the boat, whereby the surveyor is a passenger; a very busy passenger.  The surveyor is not aboard...Read More »
  • With over 50 years of boating experience on inland lakes and rivers as well as blue water; both commercial and recreational, I have witnessed many fellow boaters at the dock. It fascinates me at times, to watch a fellow captain or mate secure his or her vessel to the moorings. Many times a well experienced...Read More »


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